Dupont-Wappoo Watershed Master Plan


The Dupont-Wappoo neighborhood - called DuWap for short - is located in West Ashley, near the Citadel Mall, and is named for Dupont and Wappoo Streets. Over the years, with ongoing development, this area has experienced worsening flood conditions in roadways, residential, and commercial areas. Much of the development has occurred in low-lying areas and former wetlands. The City of Charleston, in conjunction with Charleston County, has initiated a Watershed Master Plan for the combined Dupont and Wappoo watershed areas. This Watershed Master Plan will study the drainage system under a variety of storm sizes and conditions, and will propose recommendations to alleviate frequent flooding, and improve overall drainage and water quality.

The project began in December 2016 and consists of the following elements:

  • Review of existing stormwater mapping data
  • Stakeholder meetings and public outreach
  • Stormwater infrastructure mapping and inventory using GPS survey equipment
  • Condition assessment
  • Stream and wetland assessment
  • Stormwater computer modeling and analysis of data
  • Project recommendations and prioritization

Master Plan

For more information, please review the Dupont-Wappoo Watershed Master Plan.


To learn more about the project, please visit the Dupont-Wappoo Watershed Master Plan StoryMap, and take a look at the images and maps that tell the story of the Watershed Master Plan. Check back for updates as the project progresses.


The City and County would like your input! If you have information about problem areas, photos or videos that you are willing to share, please take the Dupont-Wappoo Watershed Master Plan Survey.


To learn more about the City's ongoing Dupont-Wappoo Area Planning and the Plan West Ashley work underway, please visit the following websites: