Department of Stormwater Projects

Infrastructure Improvement Projects 

The City of Charleston recognizes the importance of a comprehensive strategic plan for capital improvements as a vital part of the City's mission to preserve and enhance the quality of life for our citizens. The five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) addresses short and long-term capital needs in all functional areas of City government. Projects include the:

  • Renovation and preservation of historic buildings
  • Park and recreation improvements
  • Road, bridge, and sidewalk improvements
  • Stormwater drainage projects
  • Construction of new facilities
  • Equipment needs

The City's Capital Improvements Division manages most buildings, parks, and recreational facilities projects.


With its myriad flooding and drainage challenges, the City of Charleston has a comprehensive Master Drainage Plan to tackle the large capital projects to improve the quality of life in the City. 

The City has been tirelessly working on alleviating these drainage problems since the establishment of the Stormwater Utility in 1996 using this money to fund only stormwater projects. 

In addition, City officials continue to seek new and innovative funding sources to fully leverage our limited resources and stretch the taxpayer dollar. This page provides detailed descriptions of capital projects that are in various stages of development.

  1. Steven A. Kirk, PE

    Project Management Practice Leader

  2. Frank Newham

    Senior Engineering Project Manager

  3. Benjamin Smith, PE

    Senior Engineering Project Manager

  4. Anthony Giralo, PE

    Senior Engineering Project Manager

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