Stormwater Management

The Department of Stormwater Management includes the City’s Stormwater Regulatory Program, Stormwater Capital Project Management, Floodplain Management, and Field Operations Crews to maintain the Drainage System.  The Department also coordinates Stormwater related efforts with other City Departments and Local Governments towards the shared goal of improving the Drainage System and water quality for residents, businesses, and visitors.

The City has undertaken significant efforts towards this goal and we encourage you to review our Projects Storymap to learn about ongoing project work and learn about the function of our drainage systems through our Drainage Maps and Special Study Area Reports. 

  1. Service Area

Regulatory Programs

Protect water quality in our community, business and visitors. 

Capital Projects

City's Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects 

Floodplain Management

Floodplain management is the operation of a community program of preventive and corrective measures to reduce the risk of current and future flooding, resulting in a more resilient community.

Field Operations

Work order request, drainage management and community stormwater improvements. 
  1. Resources

Citizen Concerns

Storm Drainage Maps

Stormwater Design Standards Manual

Stormwater Applications and Permits