Windermere Drainage Improvement Project


The Windermere Neighborhood Drainage Improvement Project aims to address a history of flooding roadways, yards and structures during significant rain events. A historic study has shown that the area’s stormwater management infrastructure is undersized and needs significant improvements in order to provide a basic level of service. 

This project will install a second outfall to help alleviate flooding in the area, as well as identify potential additional improvements to the drainage collection system. Thomas and Hutton, the consulting engineering firm selected for this project, will start surveying services in early December 2022 and will take approximately 2 -3 weeks to complete.


To learn more about the project, please visit the Windermere Neighborhood Drainage Improvement Project StoryMap. Check back for updates as the project progresses. 

  1. Robin Kidd

    Stormwater Outreach Coordinator