Stormwater Management


2 George St
Suite 2100
Charleston, SC 29401

Charleston, SC 29402

We deal with deep water. 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Fountain PE, PG, Matthew Director of Stormwater Management 843-724-3754  
Gdovicak, Aaron Technician 843-724-7188  
Holton, Kinsey Program Manager 843-724-3757  
Kirk, PE, Steven A. Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-579-7682  
Mitchell, Annie Stormwater Program Administrative Assistant 843-724-3761  
Moore-Grzybowski, Tamika Department Administrative Assistant 843-724-3754  
Wright, Maria Drafting Technician 843-724-5016  
Monroe, Stephanie Assistant Superintendent 843-724-3701  
Newham, Frank Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-724-3713  
Swinton , Kendrick Stormwater Superintendent Maintenance 843-724-7317  
Glover, Gerlita Stormwater Administrative Assistant 843-724-3798  
Giralo, Anthony Stormwater Development Manager 843.724.3785  
Rush, Kenneth Stormwater Field Technician 8435796412  
Day, Mary Stormwater Maintenance Administrative Assistant 843.965.4129  
Cirifalco, Luigi Assistant Superintendent 8439737293  
Swaim, Joseph Sr. Engineer Project Manager 843.724.3764  
Smith, PE, Benjamin Project Manager 843.720.2715  
Proveaux, Riddick Stormwater Asset Manager 843-720-2377  
Acosta, Allison Civil Engineer I 843-724-3780  
Schnell, Caroline Floodplain Management Technician 843-579-6481  
Kidd, Robin Outreach Coordinator 843-214-0146  
Giralo, Anthony Stormwater Project Manager 843-579-6340