Mattress Recycling

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Did you know most mattresses and box springs are about 90% recyclable?

You can recycle your mattress through, serving the Charleston region. 

How can you recycle your old mattress?

Schedule a pick up for your mattresses, by visiting (a small fee applies for this private service).

Why should you recycle your old mattress?

Mattresses are bulky and springy so they don’t compact well and take up lots of valuable space in landfills.  Save precious landfill space and give your mattress parts a new life by recycling your old mattresses and box springs.

What will happen to them?

Mattresses will be transported to a special facility in South Carolina to undergo a unique processing method.

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426 mattresses were recycled in 2021 through a partnership with BedShred and SCDHEC!

This effort diverted 10.9 tons of material from the landfill saving nearly 15,000 cubic feet of space!

The results were part of a pilot program generously funded by SCDHEC.  While the City's 2021 pilot program does not have ample funding to continue, residents are encouraged to recycle mattresses via  

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