Pumpkin Composting

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Please ensure pumpkins are clean before composting!

What is a “clean pumpkin”? 

  • If you’ve painted, glued, or glittered your pumpkin, just take a veggie peeler and scrape that stuff off. It’s not compostable.
  • If you burned a drippy candle, go ahead and scrape out that wax. It’s not compostable either.


  • PUMPKIN SMASH event at the West Ashley Farmers Market 
    • November 19, 12pm -4pm  
    • Join Charleston's first PUMPKIN SMASH, at Ackerman Park, and experience the thrill of smashing your rotten jack-o-lanterns before they are composted!  
    • View more details here.
  • DROP OFF at Bees Ferry Compost Facility: November 1 - 30.  
    • There will be a special CLEAN pumpkin collection bin near the food scrap carts all month long.  
    • Location: 1344 Bees Ferry Road, Charleston (West Ashley)
      Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm & Saturday 8am - 3pm
  • DROP OFF ANYTIME, ALL YEAR, at any of the 14 food scrap drop off sites around the Charleston region.
    • Simply sign up for Charleston Composts, a free residential food scrap drop off program.
    • The food scrap carts do accept CLEAN pumpkins.  
    • Please ensure all pumpkins fit INSIDE the carts, and do not leave them next to carts, littering our parks.
    • Pro tip:  Consider a new years resolution to start composting your kitchen food scraps too!  You're already signed up and trained!


1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end up in US landfills every year! 

Instead of tossing it in the trash, join the Charleston regional effort to compost your pumpkins, for FREE!