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Exemption Application Request: Single-Use Plastic Regulations (Chapter 14, Article V)

  1. Use this form to request an exemption from Chapter 14, Article V: Environmentally Acceptable Packaging and Products.
  4. Exemption requested:*
    Please choose one.
  5. Which regulations does this application for an Undue Hardship or Practical Difficulty apply to?*
    Please choose all that apply (and that you have facts to support)
  6. Please attach files that show factual documentation to support your request.
  7. Exemptions are limited to one year or less.
  8. Applicant acknowledgement*
    I hereby acknowledge by my agreement above that this application is accurate and confirms that I represent all legal owner(s) of the subject establishment. I understand that additional information or clarification may be requested during the review process prior to approval, and will submit appropriate documentation and allow inspections as requested by City staff. I understand this request needs to be verified by City staff prior to receiving approval of this application (in whole or in part, with or without conditions), and until an approval is received I will continue to abide by the City of Charleston Code Chapter 14, Article V: Environmentally Acceptable Packaging and Products.
  9. More information
    Staff will aim to review complete requests as soon as possible and within a two week period.
    Please note, approved requests may be posted publicly on the City's webpage.
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