Fishing Line Collection & Recycling

Don’t Leave Your Line Behind!

Monofilament fishing line is single strand line, typically made of strong flexible clear plastic. Fishing line isn't biodegradable, and can remain in the marine environment for over 600 years, damaging boats, wildlife, and the environment. Each year, more than 100,000 marine mammals die from ingesting or being entangled in fishing lines, nets, and other types of derelict fishing gear. 

Northbridge After 2

Recycling monofilament helps us keep it out of our water systems and landfills.  Keep Charleston Beautiful recently added seven new monofilament recycling sites at water-adjacent City parks, thanks to work done by a local Eagle Scout. Currently receptacles are maintained by local groups who have adopted each site and ensure they are routinely emptied. 

Check out our map to see where recycling receptacles are located in the City of Charleston. Monofilament line collected from our recycling receptacles is sent to Berkley Recycling, where it is made into fishing line spools, tackle boxes, or Fish-Habs, which are artificial underwater habitat structures.