Where does my old mattress go and what happens to it?

The old mattresses and/or box springs are dismantled into separate components (steel, foam and wood) and used to make new products.  Old mattresses or their components are never refurbished or reused in bedding again.  Mattresses will be transported by the City’s contracted hauler, BedShred.com, to a special facility in South Carolina called Nine Lives Recycling to undergo the unique mattress processing method.  

  1. STEEL that can be smelted down and made into new items like bicycle spokes;
  2. WOOD (from box springs) that can be used to construct new things like bookcases and shelves or for craft projects; and
  3. FOAM that can be repurposed into carpet padding and moving pads.

When all is said and done, the process leaves only 10% of each mattress being discarded as compacted waste, keeping 90% of the mattresses out of the landfill!

View pictures and more information about the mattress recycling process: https://bedshred.com/pages/bedshred-mattress-disposal-and-recycling-process

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