Why should I recycle my old mattress or box spring?

Mattresses are bulky and springy so they don’t compact well and take up lots of valuable space in landfills.  Save precious landfill space and give your mattress parts a new life by recycling your old mattresses and box springs.  

Mattresses are a huge problem for landfills and we can repurpose these materials instead of adding unnecessary waste to the environment.  Many national retailers are only offering one-sided mattresses and directing consumers to replace them more often. Landfills are also seeing an influx of returned mattresses from online retailers. The compaction rate of a discarded mattress is 400% less than regular garbage. A cubic yard of compacted garbage typically weighs between 1,500 and 1,800 lbs. A cubic yard of compacted mattresses weighs about 250 lbs. and can leave voids in the ground.

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1. What types of mattresses can be accepted for recycling?
2. Are there types of mattresses not accepted and what should I do with those?
3. Who can recycle their mattresses for free?
4. How do I prove I'm a resident at the drop off site?
5. What if I don't live in the City of Charleston and still want to recycle my mattress?
6. May I leave my mattress curbside on my weekly trash collection day?
7. Is it ok if I'm early or late to the drop off site or the designated hours don't work for me?
8. Can mattress retail stores bring old mattresses to the City's drop off site?
9. How do I recycle my old mattress or box spring?
10. Where does my old mattress go and what happens to it?
11. Why should I recycle my old mattress or box spring?
12. When does the program start and how long will it last?