Yard Sign Recycling

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New! Yard Sign Recycling Collection Bin

Give H-Frames a Second Life!

Wondering what to do with those political signs post-election? Neither the metal stake (H-frame) nor the sign itself can be recycled in regular curbside collection. However, our city has a solution!

Drop-off Location:

City of Charleston Permit Center at the Gaillard Center, 2 George Street


Weekdays, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, except holidays


Bring unwanted metal H-frames to our collection bin and they will be repurposed for public hearing announcements.  

Don't Let It Landfill:

Transform your old sign into something useful.  The best part? This not only benefits the environment but also saves taxpayer dollars!


Contact Mollie Conner at (843) 577-1686 or connerm@charleston-sc.gov