Planning, Preservation & Sustainability


The Department of Planning, Preservation & Sustainability is comprised of the following divisions: Administration, Business & Neighborhood Services, Design (Civic Design Center), Planning, Preservation & Urban Design, and Zoning. The Department also administers seven public review boards.  


To improve the built environment and quality of life for all people in the City of Charleston. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Use the Comprehensive Plan as a guiding document for a more resilient and equitable future
  • Restore, protect, and preserve historic neighborhoods
  • Facilitate construction of new neighborhoods that are compact and include a mix of uses
  • Facilitate projects, programs, and policies that create affordable housing and transportation options 
  • Cultivate healthy and diverse commercial districts 
  • Consider environmental quality in all of our actions 
  • Advocate for excellence in design 
  • Collaborate across departments to solve complex problems 
  • Offer excellent, courteous, and professional service

Department Work Plan & Reports

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Public access to the City of Charleston's Zoning Map. Look up base zoning and overlay zoning information for any property in the city.  The Zoning Ordinance includes rules and standards related to land use.

planning iconsCURRENT PROJECTS

Keep informed of current projects including  amendments to zoning regulations,  major rezoning initiatives, and other special planning projects.

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