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Aware of Other Users

Charleston is a great place to bicycle and with the growing population of bicycles on our streets and pathways, it is increasingly important for bicyclists and motorists to be aware of other users on the road.

Bike Right, Drive Right Campaign

The Bike Right, Drive Right campaign is a collaborative effort between the City of Charleston and bicyclists to educate both bicyclists and motorists on safe and respectful sharing of our roads.

  • Bicyclists have the right to use roads and any other designated paths/routes while at the same time have the responsibility to bike right, in other words, obey the rules of the road and ride in a safe manner.
  • Motorists also have the legal responsibility to avoid conflicts with bicyclists while at the same time should receive respect by cyclists sharing the roads with them.

Tips for Bicyclists

  1. Ride on the Road
  2. Ride to the Right
  3. Ride Predictably
  4. Ride Safely
  • Obey all traffic control devices, such as stop signs, lights and lane markings
  • The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists.
  • Use hand signals to indicate your intention to stop or turn

Tips for Motorists

  1. Drive Sensibly
  2. Drive Considerately
  3. Drive Carefully
  4. Drive Wisely
  • Bicycles are considered vehicles and should be given the appropriate right of way
  • Give cyclists space to take the entire lane when hazards, road width or traffic speed dictate
  • Motorists should reduce speed to allow extra time for cyclists to traverse intersections