Clean City Clara

Clara & James B Edwards 2nd grade class

The Clean City Clara Education Program has received national and local awards, teaching students in kindergarten through 5th-grade the importance of being responsible for their waste. Through this interactive presentation, Keep Charleston Beautiful's Education Coordinator helps the students learn why litter is bad and what everyone can do to help cleanup and prevent litter. 


About Clara

Clara, the litter prevention pelican, joins KCB's Education Coordinator during the program by popping in and out of view. Through Clara's engagement and presence, the students better understand the impacts of litter on wildlife, including pelicans. 

KCB’s Education Coordinator entertains and engages students through questions and by calling on volunteers. Along with information about the harmful impacts of litter, the Clean City Clara program offers inclusion of recycling and composting information. If your school participates in recycling and composting, or would like your students to learn correct practices, this program would be a great beginner's course! During the presentation, students are asked to help sort trash into the correct container: trash can, recycling bin, or compost bin.

For the finale, Clara returns one last time to lead everyone through the Kids’ Club Pledge.

Clara’s Pledge: "I promise not to litter. I promise to tell others not to litter. I promise to pick up litter (even if it’s not mine)."

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