Report Littering & Littered Locations

Reporting Littered Locations:

Keep Charleston Beautiful staff can't be everywhere at once. We rely on City of Charleston citizens to help us identify areas that are in need of litter cleanup efforts. If possible, KCB will add the location to a the list of cleanup locations we provide to our interested volunteer groups. Not all locations within in the City of Charleston are maintained by City staff.  Some locations happen to be private property, which we will redirect to the Livability Department, and some roadways are the maintenance responsibility of the County or the state (South Carolina Department of Transportation). In these instances, we can submit work order requests to the appropriate party to ensure they are aware of the issue. 

Report Litter

Littered area

Reporting Littering Behavior:

If you see littering behavior from a vehicle, report it! South Carolina residents can call PalmettoPride's Litter Busters Hot Line at 1-877-7-LITTER, or they can report it online via the "Report a Litterbug" site. All information is held in strict confidence and the caller's identity is not released. You'll need to make note of the location, date, time and the litterbug’s license number.

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