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ADA Grievance Form

  1. Disability Accessibility Grievance Form

    ADA, Accessibility, ADA Grievance Form, ADA Form, Americans with Disabilities Act, Handicap, Handicapped

Fire Department

  1. Fire & Life Safety Education - School Feedback

    Please complete one submission for each program that you attend.

  2. Smoke Alarm Request Form
  1. Fire Safety Program Request

    Please utilize this form to request a fire prevention or safety program from the Charleston Fire Department. Requests must be... More…



    The City of Charleston is offering an online portal for renewal of business licenses. To protect confidential information contained in... More…

  1. Customer Comment Card

    One of the City of Charleston's goals is to provide superior levels of customer service. Your feedback telling us what is going well... More…

Human Resources

  1. EEO Information

    Equal Employment Opportunity Information

  1. Training Form

Livability & Tourism

  1. Charleston 350 Commemoration Partnering Event/Promotion Application

    Thank you for your your interest in partnering with the Charleston 350 Commemoration to host a special event or promotion that will... More…

  2. Special Commission on Equity, Inclusion and Racial Conciliation

    The City of Charleston is looking to complete its subcommittees on the Special Commission on Equity, Inclusion, and Racial... More…

  1. Permit Application for Touring Historic Charleston

    This is an application for permits to travel, park, and tour by bus.

  2. Special Event Permit Application

    Application for Special Events


  1. City Plan Community-Led Meeting Submission Form

    Thank you for taking the initiative to lead a conversation with your community! To ensure that your community's contributions are... More…


    Use this form if you would like to request a permit to remove a tree. The tree will be inspected by a member of our Zoning staff who... More…

  1. M&WBE Spotlight Nomination Form

    Want to be the next M&WBE Spotlight? Complete the nomination form to be recognized for your achievements in developing both your... More…


    Zoning Verification letter


  1. Share Your One Charleston Story

    Share a story about participating in a One Charleston activity or submit an idea to be shared on the One Charleston page!