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Affordable Housing Registration

  1. Contact Information
  2. Name of company or organization that is responsible for the funding, development and management of the proposed project. 

  3. Charleston Customer Self Service (CSS) Account Information

    If you or your agency do not yet have a CSS account, please create an account before proceeding with this form.

  4. Project Details

    If you are unsure how to respond to any of the questions below, please contact the Department of Housing and Community Development before proceeding.  Call 843-724-7353 or email

  5. Provide the name by which to identify this project. Example: James Lewis, Jr. Apartments. The Project Name can be the same as the address.

  6. Please list all addresses and/or Parcel ID numbers associated with the project location, beginning with the primary address/Parcel ID. Verify the correct address or Parcel ID using the City's MapNet tool:

  7. Enter the number of years the units will remain affordable, or type "perpetuity" if they are to be permanently affordable.

  8. Proposed Number of Units by Income Limits

    Please submit proposed unit count under the corresponding income limit for those units. Income limits are listed as percentage of Area Median Income (AMI). We understand that unit count and income limits may be subject to change. 

  9. Feel free to attach any related documents including but not limited to plans, grant award notifications, or other correspondence.

  10. Enter any additional information or clarification here, as needed.

  11. Terms of Registration*

    I understand that the purpose of this form is to provide staff with proposed project details for information purposes only and does not constitute a contractual agreement with the City of Charleston.

    I understand that submitted projects must meet specified criteria to be approved for priority status and that staff maintain the right to deny a proposed project if it does not meet such criteria. 

    I understand that though certain project details are subject to change, that benefits offered to affordable housing developers is contingent upon a certain percentage of affordability. If the percentage of affordable units changes to less than 50% of total residential units, priority status will be revoked and any fees previously waived will be due upon notification.

    I certify that the information provided in this form is consistent with all terms outlined in any existing contractual agreements, restrictive covenants, approved development guidelines or City zoning ordinances pertaining to the subject properties. 

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