Parking Operations Division

About the Division

The Parking Operations Division is responsible for managing the city's parking program for passenger and commercial vehicles. The division performs parking studies and sight distance analysis to design and determine all on-street and off-street parking spaces, commercial and passenger loading zones, and other parking situations throughout the city (including parking prohibition areas, tour bus pull areas, and handicap parking areas).

Parking operations reviews engineering drawings for all parking projects in the city, including those for city-owned parking garages. Parking operations coordinates the placement, maintenance, and repair of parking meters. This division also oversees hearing officers for the adjudication of parking citation disputes, schedules payment plans for citizens with delinquent parking fines, and prosecutes parking citations in Municipal Court.

Residential Parking Program

Additionally, parking operations coordinates the residential parking permit program, including the survey and establishment of districts. The actual sale of residential / visitor parking permits is handled by the Revenue Collections - Parking Division.

Rickshaws & Taxis

Parking operations is additionally responsible for issuing Certificates of Appropriateness for rickshaws operating on downtown city streets.

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