Signs & Markings

About Signs & Markings

Signs and Markings is responsible for manufacturing, installing, and maintaining regulatory, warning, guide, and informational signs and installing and maintaining pavement markings on all City streets and all City-owned parking facilities. They are responsible for the fabricating, installing, and maintaining all street name signs and assisting the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program with the installation of pavement markings and signage, and assisting Parking Meter Operations in the installation and removal of parking meters.

Signs & Markings Plan

The Signs and Markings Division maintains traffic signs and traffic pavement markings on City streets within the City of Charleston's jurisdiction. The Signs and Markings crews follow a maintenance schedule to ensure all areas of the City are maintained on a regular basis. 

Monthly Work Area Schedule

  • Daniel Island and Cainhoy: July and November
  • Downtown Peninsula: January, March, June, and September
  • Johns and James Island: April, August, and December
  • West Ashley: February, May, and October

In the event of an emergency, public safety, or a designated special project, other work may take prioritization over regular maintenance.