Why Does It Seem Like Charleston Always Floods When It Rains?

"Everything should be made as simple as possible; but not simpler."

 -Albert Einstein

Complaints & Concerns

Over the years, the Department of Stormwater Management has fielded countless complaints and concerns regarding the drainage of the City of Charleston. Many of the concerns are accompanied by suggestions on how the drainage might be improved and the flooding mitigated. While many of the suggestions have good technical merit, the complexity of the problems are not understood fully and thus the potential solutions are unable to be implemented. Oftentimes, the lack of implementation of a solution is seen as indifference on the part of the City, and friction may result with the citizen.


The purpose of the presentation is to educate the public on why the City of Charleston and the surrounding areas experience persistent and significant flooding problems. Our hope is that at the end of the presentation, the general public will have a better understanding of why these persistent problems exist and why they are so difficult to overcome.

Why Does It Seem Like Charleston Always Floods When It Rains? (PDF)

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