Youth Swim Teams

Youth Swim Teams
  1. Introductory Swim Team
  2. South Marlins Racing Team
  3. Intramural Swim Team
  4. James Island Swim Team

Introductory Swim Team

Intro Swim Team provides the next step for developing swimmers, teaches fundamental competitive swim skills, and aims to increase kids’ enjoyment of the water. This program provides a new challenge for swimming kids who would like to continue developing themselves in the water. This program will be taught by Coach Courtney.


Dates: Monthly, beginning March 1
Ages: 7+
Cost: $40/month
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. pool

For details on how to register, please call 724-7346. 

We provide a positive learning environment to challenge and nurture children. We will teach fundamental racing skills, advanced competitive techniques, and provide an introduction to swim training conventions and terminology. We will teach kids how to measure and monitor their own progress, we will emphasize Learning and Improvement as a basis for having fun, and our coaches will provide individual attention and support to every swimmer.

Coach Courtney (or “The Head Coach”?) has almost 20 years of coaching and managing swim programs, in addition to his 20 years of competitive swimming at the national level. Coach has founded and built multiple swim teams, co-founded a swim school, and has helped kids achieve local, state, regional, and national recognition. Coach Courtney has helped multiple swimmers obtain college swimming opportunities, and is certified with USAS, ASCA, ISCA, and SGE.

Competitions will be arranged and communicated to families with an established plan for the safety and health of all participants. In the near future, Intro Swim Team will be offered on a year-round basis with only minimal seasonal interruptions.