Third Party Inspections

The purpose of the City of Charleston Building Inspections Division (BID) Third Party Inspection Program (TPI) is to establish: 

  • When third party inspections (hereafter TPI) can be utilized;
  • The minimum criteria to become a pre-qualified third party inspector;  
  • The minimum criteria to maintain pre-qualification as a third party inspector;
  • The processes of conducting TPI including obtaining approval for a specific inspection, scheduling and reviewing previous inspection;
  • The process of submitting TPI reports;
  • Disciplinary and revocation procedures; and
  • TPI Acknowledgement Form.

TPI are not allowed by right. TPI are intended to augment inspections mandated by 2012 International Building Code (hereafter IBC) §104.4 and §110.3 performed by building official or designee. IBC §104.4 and §110.4 authorizes the building official to accept reports by preapproved inspection agencies. The building official recognizes the use of TPI as a means to augment the demand on daily City inspection services as a means to maintain services delivery and reduces potential construction projects delays, such as the need for inspection services outside of normal City working hours and City holidays.

Third Party Building Inspections Program