US Kids Golf After School Clinic Series

U.S. Kids Golf After School Clinic Series

After School Clinic Series for Juniors is a series of  clinics  designed to get you through levels one, two or three of the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program. Then the player will move up to the Transition Levels four and five, then into the advanced levels 6-10.


The Learning Program is a ready-made and proven curriculum that features three levels of instruction booklets. In each of the levels, players learn five core skills: 

  • Putting- Introduction into US Kids Golf learning program and Fundamentals of Putting.
  • Around the Green - Chipping, Pitching and Sand
  • Full Swing - Irons, hybrids  and Driver
  • Knowledge - Rules, Etiquette, Sportsmanship and Equipment.
  • Scoring - Playing the Holes.


When a young player passes a skills challenge, he or she celebrates the accomplishment with an achievement pin. The Learning Program Scoreboard is a showcase of a player’s achievement pins and progress, and players who Master all three levels will be celebrated on the U.S. Kids Golf website.


The booklets, achievement pins, and Learning Scoreboard work in unison and help coaches maintain ongoing communication with the players’ parents.

Please visit the  U.S. Kids Golf website to find out more about the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The US Kids Golf Classes are separated by Levels and Age, how do I know which class/level to register my child for?
    • Participants 12 & under will start on levels 1-3
    • Participants 13 years and older can start off on levels 4-5
    • Participants 15 years and older can start off on level 6+
    • Participants will move up through the levels as they progress, so it is not required that you are 13 to be in levels 4-5, if you have mastered levels 1-3.
    • Levels 1-3 are sometimes also grouped in ages 6-9 and 9-12. 
    • Levels 1-3 Beginners
    • Levels 4-5 Intermediate
    • Levels 6+ Advanced
  • Where can I find out what level my child is on?
  • When does my child get a chance to earn a pin?
    • Participants get a chance to earn a pin in the activity being worked on at the end of each class.  Participants will only be tested on the level they are on and not ahead. Example: if your child is on level 2, they will not be tested on any thing above level 2.  They are still expected to practice for the next level, so they are prepared when they do get tested. 
  • Where can I find out what my child needs to do to earn a pin?
    • The assessments can be found in the book your child has been given at the beginning of each session.  A new book is given to the participants for each level as they progress.  You can also find the assessments be clicking here:  The book has the forms your child is expected to learn, and the assessments are listed so that you can practice them with your child at any time. 
  • What happens if a class is cancelled? Is there a makeup?
    • If a class is cancelled, an email will be sent to the email contact listed on WebTRAC when you registered.  This email will be sent out by 3:00pm and the pro shop staff will be informed.  Each 5-week session has two weeks added to the end to have for makeup dates.  If more than 2 dates are missed, then a credit for the missed class will be applied to your household account.  If the canceled class is a 9:00am-12:00pm camp, an email will be sent out to participants by 7:30am and pro shop staff will also be notified then. 
  • How do I register my child to participate in the classes, camps and leagues?
    • You will need to login on to WebTRAC, which is the City of Charleston’s Recreation enrollment website. You will need to login to your household account.  If you do not have a household account established, you will need to set up an account.  Setting up an account will take 2-3 days as residence needs to be confirmed.  It will not be instant, so please do not try and create a duplicate account.  Please make sure you have a household account set up several days before the registration dates for programs begin, or that may cause you to wait and lose a spot.

    • You can search for golf programs in the WebTRAC system, if there are classes scheduled, they will be listed there.  There are no classes that will not be listed here.
    • There will be a green + button on the left to add the class to your shopping cart, if it is a red x then the class is either canceled or full. If you hover the mouse clicker over the red X, the reason it is unavailable will show up.  You may have the opportunity to be added to the waitlist, if it does not give you that option, that means the waitlist if full. 
  • When will the classes listed open for registration?
    • If you hover the mouse clicker over the red X that says unavailable, it will tell you why the class is unavailable, it may be because the registration date hasn’t happened yet, and it will tell you that date. There should also be a registration date in the class description. 
  • If my child is waitlisted for a class, when will I find out?
    • You will receive an email if your child is transferred from the waiting list, you will have 24 hours to finish registration, or we move to the next person on the waiting list.    
  • How do I look up what classes my child is registered for? Or how do I pay for a class if they were added from the waitlist?
    • You can logon to your household account on WebTRAC at any time to find out the status of your child’s enrollment, what they are registered for, what fees you may need to pay for, any information you need about your child and the activities they are involved in can be found in your household account.
  • What equipment does my child need to participate?
    • No equipment is necessary, I can supply clubs that will be fit to their height. They are welcome to bring their clubs if they fit them properly.  No equipment is necessary, although a water bottle and comfortable shoes/clothing recommended.