Field Intelligence Unit

The Field Intelligence Unit (FIU) is assigned to the Crime Intelligence Operation Center and Special Projects Division and consists of a supervisor, a sworn police Sergeant, and four sworn police officers, Intelligence Officers.

Reduction in Crime

The FIU will assist with the reduction of violent crime in two primary ways: 

  • Monitor violent criminals identified within the city.
  • Serve as points of contact to violent crime investigative units.

Qualifications & Certifications

Members of the FIU must maintain all qualifications and certifications as required by the department and state of South Carolina for sworn police officers. Members of the FIU also receive training and instruction on various databases, surveillance methods, tactical training, analysis methods, 28 CFR Part 23 and various other types of training pertaining to Field intelligence duties. Some of the tasks of the FIU are:

  • Review synopsis and updates sent by CIU to determine operating plans to deter crime or apprehend criminals.
  • Gather intelligence on members of the Violent Crime Offender Monitoring (VCOM) program and update intelligence database.
  • Gather intelligence from various sources in the community on criminal trends and information occurring within and those affecting the City of Charleston.
  • Report to COMPSTAT the following VCOM individuals Top 5 - highest priority that are out of jail/prison and likely to commit more crime if not arrested.
  • Provide assistance to investigators and officers through taking statements, gathering evidence, conducting surveillance, and generally gathering intelligence.
  • Monitor and observe criminal activity with enhanced visual surveillance equipment for the purpose of arresting criminal violators.