Charleston's Women Aldermen and Council Members, 1924-Present

City of Charleston, South Carolina


The 1783 charter of the City of Charleston provided for a form of government that generally existed in cities during the colonial era. From 1783 to 1808, the city was divided into thirteen wards, each represented by a warden elected annually; the intendant was elected from the wardens. The city elected wardens and intendants until 1836. The city elected a mayor and aldermen from 1836 through 1975. The city has elected a mayor and council members from 1975 to the present. Eleven women have held the office of alderman or city council member in the city’s 231-year history as an incorporated body.  

Clelia Peronneau McGowan 

Ward One, 1924-1927


Belizant A. Moorer 

Ward Eleven, 1924-1927


Mary S. Utsey 

Ward Eleven, 1960-1967


Hilda Hutchinson-Jefferson (African American)

District Four, 1975-1998


Brenda Scott (African American)

District Six, 1975-1998 


Mary Ader 

District Nine, 1975-1997


Esther H. Tecklenburg

District Eight, 1980-1984

Yvonne Evans

District Eight, 1990-2010


Anne Frances Bleecker 

District Eleven, 2000-2008


Deb Morinelli 

District Two, 2002-2010


Kathleen Wilson 

District Twelve, 2006 – 2017


Carol A. Jackson

District 12, 2017 – 2021


Marie Delcioppo

District 1, 2019 – 2021

Caroline Parker

District 12, 2022 - present