1. Youth Programs
  2. Adult Programs


WINGS Afterschool Program

After School & Homework Help 

Programs Staff and tutors will assist children with homework and school activities. Games, crafts, and sports may be provided at some locations. Please call specific facility for more details on after school programs.

LocationDaysTimesAgesCostActivity Number
Forest Park, Freddie Whaley, Lenevar, Martin, Mitchell, Willie Gaines PlaygroundsMonday-Friday

4:00pm-6:00pm12 & underFreeN/A
Shaw Community CenterMonday-Friday

St. Julian Devine Community CenterMonday-Friday


Safe Sitter

Do you want to start a babysitting business? Learn injury prevention, first aid, choking rescue and CPR. Learn behavior management and how to handle situations when interacting with infants, toddlers and children ages 5+ to be a confident babysitter. Plus, you will learn how to keep yourself safe, set babysitting rates and promote your business. 

LocationDatesTimeAgeCostActivity Number
Hazel Parker PlaygroundOctober 15
November 5

Chess Class

Students will learn the basics of chess: getting in good position out of the opening, seizing opportunities through tactics, and winning the game with solid endgame technique. Chess teaches creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, patience and critical thinking. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterOctober 8-November 26Saturdays at 10:00am7-13$25/participant for the whole program573430

Girls Group

Girls, join us to learn how to become self-confident, boost your self-esteem, and become great role models for younger families and friends. This program will help young women achieve their goals and dreams, and move forward in life. Activities and conversations will be age appropriate. 

Partnered with Be a Mentor. 

LocationDayTimeAgesCostActivity Number
St. Julian Devine Community CenterMondays & Wednesdays2:00pm-5:00pm3-12FreeN/A


Intro to Photography

This class is a comprehensive and educational program focused on the art of photography. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterOctober 6-November 13Thursdays at 5:00pm8-12$65/resident

Digital Art Lab

Join Island Collective as they teach young artists how to digitize their art and the business of non-fungible token (NFT) art creation. Participants must provide their own tablet. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterOctober 26-December 14Wednesdays at 5:15pm6-12$180/participant573420

The Robotics Lab

Working as a team, we will build lego sets while participating in build and challenges. We will also create and have the opportunity to motorized our projects using imagination and basic engineering skills, as well as basic robotics. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterOct 25-Dec 13
Oct 26-Dec 14
Tuesdays at 4pm
Wednesdays at 4pm


Charleston Tech professionals will help kids learn to code for free in this afterschool program. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
St.  Julian Devine Community CenterSeptember 14-October 19Wednesdays at 5pmAllFreeN/A


Cooking Lab

Island Collective and My Organic Bakery are happy to present new creative recipes for this next season. Class will be focused around creativity and nutrition. Cost includes food and ingredients for this program. 

LocationDatesDay & TimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterOctober 25-December 13Tuesdays at 5:15pm6-12$180/participant573402