Owners, landlords, and tenants are responsible for ensuring routine maintenance, service, and cleaning of the exhaust system has been performed to ensure proper working order and that you are in compliance with the code. The responsibility to maintain these systems is typically inherited by the tenant unless the responsibility is specifically assumed by another party through a contract, lease, or other agreement.

Commercial Cooking Operations

Owners and operators of businesses engaging in commercial cooking operations must:

  • Utilize a vendor or individual who has been deemed as qualified to work in the City of Charleston. A list of approved contractors will be published on our website and the contractor will be issued verification documentation.
  • Ensure inspection and cleaning frequencies are achieved.
  • Coordinate appropriate inspection intervals with their vendor and provide necessary access to safely complete the work.
  • Maintain three years of inspection records on site.

Qualified Vendors & Individuals

Qualified vendors or individuals must:

  • Demonstrate adequate training, experience, and knowledge to be deemed qualified.
  • Possess a current City of Charleston business license and maintain insurance.
  • Take photos documenting all hood conditions before, during, and after cleaning operations.
  • Deliver reports to the facility where work is being conducted.
  • Maintain records of inspection for three years and will deliver said records when requested.
  • Required to report deficiencies in an exhaust system to the Fire Marshal Division.
  • If a contract is terminated, the contractor is required to report to the Fire Marshal Division.
  • Maintain qualifications by complying with the ongoing program.