Qualified Vendors

The International Fire Code requires individuals inspecting and subsequently cleaning commercial kitchen hoods to be qualified to conduct the work. Vendors or individuals who inspect or clean these types of systems must submit the appropriate application and supporting documentation to the Charleston Fire Marshal Division for review and processing. Properly qualified vendors or individuals will be deemed qualified for a period of up to one year. 

Qualification Process

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection and Cleaning vendors who have successfully completed the qualification process with the Charleston Fire Department Fire Marshal Division will be published on the list below. The purpose of this listing is to serve as a resource for restaurants and facilities with commercial kitchen exhaust systems and to assist with locating vendors who have already completed the qualification process. Qualified vendors have one member of the company who has successfully completed the process and are responsible for the work completed by their field representatives. 


The City of Charleston does not make any recommendations, expressed or implied, regarding any specific vendor. It is the responsibility of the restaurant to ensure they are receiving adequate service from the vendor and report any deficiencies, issues, or concerns. Complaints regarding the performance of a vendor on this list or a vendor conducting work who is not on this list should be emailed to the kitchen exhaust team. The following list is provided in alphabetical order based on the company name.

Contractor List

 The City of Charleston does not endorse or recommend any specific vendor, this list is provided to assist consumers with identifying contractors who have completed the qualification process:

ContractorPhone NumberStatusExpiration Date
A & AN/AQualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Averus855-900-2837ExpiredMarch 1, 2020
Carolina Hot Wash843-766-2158QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Certified Hood and Fire Specialists843-693-7194ExpiredMarch 1, 2020
Dootra Hood Cleaning Plus843-478-1627Applied -PendingMarch 1, 2020
East Coast Cleaning843-747-6269QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Enviromatic800-325-8476Applied -PendingMarch 1, 2020
Fire Control Systems800-237-9701QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Fleetwash770-417-1382QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Hood Masters843-580-4202ExpiredMarch 1, 2020
H2O Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning843-826-4321QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Kamco DBA Hoodz of Charleston843-822-5243QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Low Country Grease Service843-452-8653QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Myrtle Beach Exhaust Services843-839-4588Applied - PendingMarch 1, 2020
Pye Barker866-956-8944QualifiedMarch 1, 2021
Southeastern Protection Services, Inc.770-924-8086QualifiedMarch 1, 2021

Last Update: July 28, 2020