Hospitality Tax

The hospitality tax is a uniform tax of 2% on the gross proceeds derived from the sales of prepared meals, food, and beverages sold in or by establishments, or those licensed for on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages, beer, or wine.

Tax Payment

The tax imposed by the ordinance is collected when the patron tenders payment for his meal, food, or beverage and must be held in trust for the benefit of the city until the same is paid to the Director of Revenue Collections.

Hospitality Taxes can be paid ONLINE with a Customer Self Service (CSS) Account. If you do not currently have a CSS Account login, you will need to register for a CSS Account.

Taxes for Establishments

Every establishment subject to this ordinance must make a return to the Revenue Collections Division on forms provided by the office delineating gross proceeds of sales of prepared meals, food, and beverages for the previous month, and the amount of the tax due is remitted. Taxes and required reports must be remitted to the Revenue Collections Division by the 20th day of the month and must cover sales of the previous month. Any taxes not timely remitted will be subject to a penalty of 25%. Please see the hospitality tax ordinance (PDF) for details.

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