Disaster Preparation

A wide range of natural disasters occurs within the United States every year. Natural disasters can have a devastating effect on you and your home. The Charleston area faces the genuine risk of fire, flooding, hurricanes, lightning, high winds, and earthquakes. Every family needs to be ready and know what to do before a disaster happens.

Basic Preparedness

  • Talk about disasters with your family. Be prepared, not scared.
  • Create a family disaster plan.
  • Be prepared to stay or go in an emergency.
  • Listen to the news.
  • Be prepared by having flashlights and batteries available in your home. In case of an emergency, do not use candles to light your home. One-third of the people killed in candle fires were using them for light when there was no power.
  • Have the flashlights accessible in the kitchen and bedroom.
  • You should also carry a flashlight in your car and a small light on your person.

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