A Safer Charleston

Your Charleston Fire Department strives to build a safer Charleston through fire & life safety education.  The information below and in the left margin is provided to assist you on common topic areas, hazards, and educating those around you to reduce hazards in our community.  

Virtual School Education Options During the Pandemic:

Due to various restrictions that are in place with the pandemic, we will not be able to conduct our typical classroom visits in October.  We are providing additional content and as well as virtual education opportunities to our schools as we continue to promote fire safety.  Please follow this link to learn more about the virtual learning opportunities for grades K through 6th:  Virtual Education

Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen

Did you know cooking is the number 1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries?  Fire Prevention Weeks is October 4th - 10th.  Learn more at www.nfpa.org/fpw or click on the banner above. 

2020 FPW

Additional resources by topic are located in the left margin.