Spending Transparency Reports


The documents linked at the bottom of this page provide lists of monthly expenses paid by the City of Charleston. Below are several guidelines for reading the documents.

The Spending Transparency Report Includes

Accounts payable transactions over $150 reported by month, sorted by check date and vendor name.

The Spending Transparency Report Excludes

Information exempt from disclosure under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and fees associated with City of Charleston legal actions.

Data Fields Included on the Spending Transparency Report

  • Vendor is the name of the vendor to which payment was made.
  • Date identifies the date on which the payment check was printed.
  • Description displays general text describing the particular purchase.
  • Division identifies the City Division responsible for the transaction.
  • Object refers to the budgetary account used to pay for the transaction.
  • Amount identifies the amount of the payment issued for this transaction.

Special Notes About the Spending Transparency Report

The Vendor "Bank of America" refers to payments made to Bank of America for purchases made using a Purchase Card (P-Card). The P-Card, which works like a credit card, is used to make small purchases. Each month, the purchases made using the P-Card are reviewed and paid in full. Payments made to Bank of America on this report will show the specific Vendor at which the purchase was made in the description field.

Current Reports