The Most At-Risk Businesses

If you think your business doesn't need a fire sprinkler system—think again. Here are the most at-risk businesses (according to the USFA): 

  • Restaurants - There are plenty of opportunities for flare-ups in kitchens. Without a fire sprinkler system, your restaurant is at risk from gas leaks, flammable items near burning stove rings, dirty grill ducts, full grease traps, faulty electrical equipment and frayed cords.
  • Hotels - A hotel has the fire risk of a restaurant and a residence combined. Without a fire sprinkler system, your employees and guests aren't as safe as they should be.
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Homes - People who live in assisted living and nursing homes and usually elderly or disabled, and many can't move quickly in case of fire. Also, those with mental disabilities may not understand the need to leave, and often resist rescue attempts.
  • Warehouses or Storage Facilities – These businesses are usually large and have fewer employees on duty who might be able to act in the event of a fire. Common sources of fire in these buildings is overstocking, improper storage of flammable materials, and the accidental puncturing of flammable fluids from forklift operations or improper material stacking or shelving.

Unlisted Businesses

Even if your business is not listed above, you may still reap the benefits from properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers. Contact the Fire Marshal Division for additional information.