Hiring Off Duty Officers

Off Duty Employment Request

Notice to Employers

The Charleston Police Department offers an Off Duty Employment Program where sworn officers can voluntarily provide law enforcement services to the public, outside of their regular duties, within the city of Charleston. Participation by officers is entirely optional, and the Department cannot guarantee that every request for off-duty services will be fulfilled. To request an officer for an event, please submit your request at least 48 hours in advance for approval by the Special Events Coordinator. Be aware that requests made with less than 48 hours' notice may incur higher hourly rates.

* All approved jobs have a three (3) hour minimum. If the event is cancelled without 24 hours' notice, or concludes before the three (3) hour time period, payment will be made for the full three (3) hours.

* No officer will accept any special duty assignment where the primary purpose of the establishment is the sale of alcoholic beverages.

* Officers are required to be in uniform with all required equipment including a Body Worn Camera (BWC).

* In addition to the below rates, Extra Duty Solutions (EDS) collects 5% for Workman's Compensation and 10.5% for an administrative fee. 


Current rates until May 1, 2024

  1.  For assignments requesting more than three officers, a supervisor must be included as the fourth officer. The cost for a supervisor's   services will be $45 per hour.
  2. Events requiring the presence of over ten officers will be mandated to have at least two supervisors. For every group of ten additional officers beyond the first ten, an extra supervisor will be required.
  3. In cases where an event commander is needed, the charge for this role will be $50 per hour.

Pay (per hour)$40$45$50
Worker's Comp. Fee (5%)$2$2.25$2.50
Admin. Fee (10%)$4$4.50$5
Total Per Hour


Beginning May 1, 2024, the following pay structure will be in effect: 

Payment Information

Tier 1 
(1 - 5 officers)
Tier 2
(6 - 15 officers)
Tier 3
(16+ officers)
Officer$ 50$ 60$ 65
Supervisor$ 55$ 65$ 70
Commander$ 60 (if required)$ 70 (if required)$ 75
City Holiday (recognized)Rate + $10Rate + $15Rate + $20

Recognized City Holidays

New Year's Day                                          Labor Day     

Martin Luther King Day                          Veteran's Day  

President's Day                                          Thanksgiving

Memorial Day                                              Black Friday

Juneteenth                                                   Christmas

July 4th

* City-recognized holidays, subject to change

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensations coverage for each officer is required. The employing company/individual will be charged 5% of the officer pay for this coverage. This fee will be included in the total payment.

Staffing Requirements

The Special Events Commander or his/her designee, when necessary, will determine the number of sworn personnel required for the assignment.

Filling Assignments

Off duty employment is voluntary and is done on the officer's time off from the Department.

The off duty employer has the option of requesting a specific officer.

The Special Events Commander, or designee, may solicit any sworn member to fulfill available positions.

Cancellation Procedures

To cancel an off duty request, a minimum of 24 hours' notice must be given to the Charleston Police Department through the Extra Duty Solutions Company, otherwise the employer will be responsible for the fees associated with a minimum three hour contract. To cancel, please call Extra Duty Solutions at 843-226-7167.

Officer Not Reporting For Off Duty

If an officer scheduled to work an off duty assignment does not report for the assignment, the employer should notify Extra Duty Solutions at 843-226-7167.

Procedures for Requesting an Off Duty Officer

1. Contact Extra Duty Solutions by phone 843-226-7167, email charlestonsc@ExtraDutySolutions.com, or click this link .

2. You can reach Extra Duty Solutions 24 hours a day including holidays and weekends.

3. If you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact Lt. Timothy Dasher at 843-720-2383 or Marie McKillop at 843-720-2459.