Parks & Recreation Master Plan

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One Charleston: Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The City of Charleston is planning for the future of YOUR parks and recreation opportunities. Join the conversation to let us know what you want to do in your parks, how they can be improved, and what suggestions you have to improve the quality of life for Charleston residents and visitors. This plan will lead policies and direction for the City’s leaders, Parks Department, and Recreation Department for the next ten years.   Several opportunities will be available for you to express your ideas, including:

  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey can be completed online at (options for English and Spanish)
  • Handout versions of the same survey are available at recreation and community centers as well as at other city facilities.  These may be returned to the centers or the Charleston Parks Department. 
  • Public Open Houses – Later in the year, open houses will be held throughout Charleston and will be held in conjunction with the City’s Comprehensive Plan process. 
  • Stakeholder Group Discussions – A series of stakeholder groups of park and recreation users, community leaders,  and partners will be invited to provide their input specific to their group’s interests.
  • Public Presentations – The Draft and Final Master Plans will be presented in a public forum later in the process for the Community’s review and discussion.  
  • is an online engagement site where you may provide input throughout the year-long master planning process.  The discussion topics will change as the process advances.  Currently, the discussions focus on topics we usually do at public open houses, but since we cannot meet in public at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have tried to simulate the experience.
    • This site will allow you to:
      • Tell us what you miss most about your parks and recreation during the Covid-19 pandemic,
      • Identify your favorite activities in Charleston Parks,
      • Vote with dollars on the types of improvements you would like to see,
      • Identify your ideas for improvements to parks, trails, natural areas, programs, and events,
      • Identify your vision for the future of parks in Charleston,
      • Share photos of your favorite places and activities in Charleston Parks,
      • Identify on a  map where new parks and facilities should be located,
      • Respond to suggestions by others,
    • The site does require a sign-in so we can update you on the results and progress on the Master Plan.  

Thank you for sharing your ideas on Charleston Parks and Recreation.