Multifamily Residential Property Managers


Please utilize our Multifamily Fire Safety Self-Survey (PDF) to assist with assessing general safety and code compliance at your property. Please take a few moments to conduct the survey and begin removing hazards as needed. You may find it useful to conduct monthly, quarterly, or even bi-annual surveys to improve safety. This form is provided as a voluntary compliance tool to assist you in maintaining a fire safe facility and preparing you for visit by one of our team members.

Fire Emergency Guide

The fire code requires that occupants of multi-family residential structures be provide with an Emergency Guide prior to initial occupancy of their unit.  Since Charleston is a city of varying architecture and building age, an Emergency Guide template has been created to assist you in developing your guide.   This guide can be tailored to your unique building design and installed fire safety systems to ensure your tenants are safe in their new home.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please use this link to find your assigned area Assistant Fire Marshal who can assist you with the development of the guide.