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Becoming A Voluntary Certified Tour Guide

In order to become a certified tour guide an applicant must successfully pass the written exam.

Tour Guide Training Manual- The cost of the manual  is $45.00 plus tax.   All test questions will be taken from the “Tour Guide Training Manual."  The manual may be purchased at the Tourism Management Office located at 75 Calhoun Street, Suite 3400.  Cash, check or credit (we do not accept Amex or Discover) is accepted.

Exam Registration

  • The registration fee is $50 and is due at the time of registration. 
  • The Tourism Management Office is located at 75 Calhoun Street, Suite 3400.
  • The registration fee affords the applicant two attempts at the exam. A third attempt will require the applicant to re-register

Written Examination

  • Exams are administered at 9:00 a.m. in the Livability & Tourism conference room at 75 Calhoun Street, Suite 3400.
  • Applicants have two hours in which to complete the exam.
  • Exam consists of 200 questions (matching, multiple choice, and true / false).
  • A passing score is 70% or above


Tour Guide Examination Information for 2023

Voluntary Certification Program