Livability & Tourism

Mission Statement

To create a system that effectively, expeditiously and equitably enforces city ordinances with the goal of improving and sustaining the livability and quality of life of all City of Charleston residents, while promoting an environment that is receptive to tourism and historic preservation.

Overview of the Department of Livability and Tourism

Livability code enforcement officers work to ensure that city codes are followed in relation to residential properties standards, health and sanitation standards, abandoned vehicles, short term rental regulations, garbage disposal regulations, graffiti removal from public property and removal of abandoned bicycles in right-of-way. 

Tourism enforcement officers enforce ordinances applicable to horse drawn carriages, coach tour buses, all tour vehicles, walking tours, and Pedi-cab/Rickshaw violations.  Officers alert touring vehicles of street closures and hazards along touring routes providing reroutes when necessary. They additionally act as ambassadors assisting visitors with any questions. 

The Tourism division serves as a liaison between the tourism industry and the city's residents and provides administrative support to the Tourism Commission. Services provided include certifying tour guides, a recertification program for guides, certification of tour vehicles, and issuance of tour permits and carriage medallions. 

Livability Court

Livability Court is an innovative way to handle age-old citizen concerns and quality of life issues. Previously, these types of cases were shuffled through the regular criminal court system, where, often times, they seemed insignificant. However, these issues can have serious, detrimental effects on neighborhoods and communities when left unresolved. Livability Court is devoted to such issues and will therefore promote healthy communities and good citizenship.  The Department of Livability and Tourism is a support function of the Livability court, and all enforcement actions initiated by the enforcement officers are adjudicated in this court.