Process & Service Improvement

The Process and Service Improvement Division is responsible for program oversight of the city's quality and process management initiatives, performance management programs, and the city's Ombudsman services. Division personnel facilitate the overall performance management and continuous improvement of the delivery of municipal services and programs. They do this by providing advisory assistance to operating officials and staff for the development of new insights into situations and issues, fostering an atmosphere for open communication and exchange of ideas, and facilitating development of creative and innovative quality business practices or solutions for organizational improvements.

Ombudsman Services / Citizen Service Desk

The primary function of the Ombudsman is to respond to concerns or complaints about city services or requests for services. Additionally, the office acts as an information and referral service to other government and non-profit agencies. The Ombudsman's Office also acts as a point of contact for citizens and provides the city with a management tool for the assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the existing systems.