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1. How and when do I apply?
2. How can I get the study guide?
3. Can the written exam be taken at another time?
4. What should I bring to the written exam?
5. What is the passing score?
6. I don’t live in Charleston. Can I still apply?
7. I was a firefighter somewhere else. Do I have to take the written exam, and/or do I have to attend the fire academy?
8. What is the minimum age for applicants?
9. What is the maximum age for applicants?
10. Do I have to be a high school graduate or have a GED?
11. I have a relative working for the City of Charleston, can I still apply?
12. Do I have to be a citizen of the United States?
13. Will I need a copy of my birth certificate when I turn in my application?
14. Will I need a copy of my military discharge orders (Form DD214) when I turn in my application?
15. What if I have a police record?
16. Will I need identification at the written exam?
17. When will I receive the results of my written exam?
18. If I have a valid EMT or Paramedic certification in another state, will I need to be certified through the State of South Carolina?