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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee
  3. Ad Hoc Budget Advisory Committee
  4. Ad Hoc Rules Advisory Committee
  5. Army Corps 3x3 Committee
  6. Audit Committee
  7. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  8. Board of Architectural Review
  9. Board of Zoning Appeals Site Design
  10. Board of Zoning Appeals Zoning
  11. Building Codes Board of Appeals
  12. Central Business District Improvement Commission
  13. Charleston Redevelopment Corporation
  14. Church Creek Stormwater Drainage Basin Authority
  15. Citizen Police Advisory Council
  16. City Council
  17. City of Charleston 350th Celebration Steering Committee
  18. City of Charleston Public Facilities Corporation
  19. Code of Conduct Ad Hoc Committee
  20. Colonial Common and Ashley River Embankment Commission
  21. Commission On Arts
  22. Commission on Disability Issues
  23. Commission on Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Conciliation
  24. Commission on History
  25. Commission on Women
  26. Community Development
  27. Design Review Board
  28. Health and Wellness Advisory Committee
  29. Home Ownership Initiative Commission
  30. Hotel Task Force
  31. Human Affairs and Racial Conciliation Commission
  1. Human Resources Committee
  2. James Island Creek Water Quality Task Force
  3. James Island Intergovernmental Council Agenda
  4. Johns Island Growth Management Committee
  5. License Committee
  6. Livability Review Board
  7. Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Board
  8. Municipal Election Commission
  9. Palmetto Rose Artisan Public Meeting
  10. Peninsula Perimeter Protection Advisory Committee
  11. Planning Commission
  12. Police Audit
  13. PriorityStat
  14. Public Safety Committee
  15. Public Works and Utilities Committee
  16. Real Estate Committee
  17. Recreation Committee
  18. Redevelopment and Preservation Commission
  19. Resiliency & Sustainability Advisory Committee
  20. Salary Study Committee
  21. Short Term Rental Task Force
  22. Special Commission on Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Conciliation Economic Empowerment Subcommittee
  23. Special Facilities
  24. St. Julian Devine Community Center Smokestacks Task Force
  25. Sumar Street Task Force
  26. Technical Review Committee
  27. Tourism Commission
  28. Tourism Management Plan Advisory Committee
  29. Traffic and Transportation Committee
  30. Underground Utilities Committee
  31. West Ashley Revitalization Commission