How can I get a "Don't Pollute" marker for my drain?

dont-pollute-logoStorm Drain Marking Program

You can help let others know “Don’t Pollute, Storm Drains Lead to Waterways!” by adding a marker on your adopted drain.  

It’s easy and free! Storm drain marking program materials are available free of charge upon request.  

To obtain a marker, you may contact Charleston Clemson Extension at:

- (843) 729-4523 (Beatriss Calhoun, Water Resource Agent), or 

- (843) 722-5940 (main office)

Report New Markers

Report any new markers you add by completing a short “Field Inspection Report” in the web portal.  (Simply login and click on your drain!).  

Stormwater vs. Wastewater 

  • Stormwater is not treated.  Stormwater is rain water that does not soak into the ground. It flows over roads and parking lots and into storm water drains, which empty directly into waterways.  "All drains lead to the ocean."
  • Wastewater, or sewage, comes from drains and toilets in homes and businesses. It’s treated at a wastewater treatment plant before being released back into a waterway.  

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