Building Inspections


2 George Street
Ground Floor
Charleston, SC 29402

Link: Building Inspections Page


Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Closed on City observed Holidays

Administration & Plan Review Services 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hicks, Cindi Construction Completion Certificate Coordinator 843.577.0217  
Gurley, Earl Plans Examiner 843.579.7519  
Granata, Ken Chief Building Official 843.724.5018  
Graham, Derick Plans Examiner 843.577.1689  
DeSaussure, James Plans Examiner 843.724.7446  
Comar, Ben Plans Examiner 843.724.7448  
Kimsey, Elizabeth Development and Construction Services Manager 843-973-7257  
Jojo, Dave Plans Examiner 843.937.8670  
Barnett, Nikki Inspection Service Coordinator 843-973-7254  

Inspections Services 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Johnson, Danny Combination Inspector 843.834.9185  
James, Arthur Combination Inspector 843.834.3927  
Heyward, Marion Combination Inspector 843.834.9184  
Ford, Rex Combination Inspector 843.412.7541  
Brown, Maurice Combination Inspector 843.670.9160  
Pope, Gary Deputy Building Official 843.729.1721  
Milligan, Randy Combination Inspector 843.834.3925  
Hogan, Derek Combination Inspector 843.693.4371  
Merrick, Charles Combination Inspector 843.371.2780  
Kohn, Peter Combination Inspector 843.270.0043  
Washington, Justin Combination Inspector 843.518.2883  
Meadowcraft, George Combination Inspector 843.494.8949  

Development and Construction Services 

2 George Street
Ground Floor
Charleston, SC 29401


Link: Permit Center Page


Monday through Friday

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

(Except for City Observed Holidays)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kimsey, Elizabeth Development & Construction Services Manager 843-973-7257  
Handley, Stephanie Development & Construction Services Coordinator 843-724-7450  
Adams, Ashley Development & Construction Services Coordinator 843-724-7442  
Hisnanick-Murphy, Noelle Customer Service Coordinator 843.973.7225