Municipal Court

The City of Charleston Municipal  Court has returned to its regular schedule of hearing non-jury and jury trial matters, effective, July 19 , 2021

Due to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19, the Municipal Court has implemented the following courtroom procedures: 

  • No one who is coughing, feverish or ill may enter the courtroom.
  • Defendants must wear masks or face coverings during court proceedings, unless asked by the Judge to remove them. 
  • A limited supply of masks will be available. If a defendant does not have a mask, a mask will be provided to them upon entry into the courthouse.
  • Defendants must check in with a Bailiff at the designated table located in the lobby area, giving their name and cellphone number. Defendants will only enter the courtroom at their designated time for court. 
  • Cases will be grouped together per Officer.
  • Unless someone is instructed to enter the courtroom, they will remain in the designated area until courtroom personnel either call or text them in reference to their case. 
  • Witnesses/Victims should remain outside the courtroom until called on by courtroom personnel. 
  • This courtroom will be opened to those with ongoing judicial proceedings only. If individuals are not a party to a case, they must remain outside the courtroom building. 
  • Defendants with children present will be asked to see court personnel for further instructions. The judge will be informed of these cases and they will be handled first.
  • All defendants and/or parties to a case will be instructed to sit on the benches marked X. Courtroom personnel will be present to ensure defendants are seated in proper areas.
  • Defendant will sit at the table closest to the jury box or stand at the podium. Plaintiff/Prosecution will sit at the table farthest from the jury box. 
  • Defendants will not approach the bench or move beyond counsel tables without permission from the court. 
  • Violators of these procedures will be asked to leave and may be held in contempt of court. 


The Municipal Court Division is responsible for the management and proper administration of all facets of the City’s Municipal Court operations in support of the City’s Chief Municipal Judge and other municipal judges who serve the Municipal Court.

The Municipal Court Division provides:

  • Administrative support to the judicial arm of the court.
  • Case docketing.
  • Case management.
  • Alternative sentence monitoring.
  • Court fines collection.
  • Court fine and case load reporting.

Protecting the Rights of Citizens

Municipal Court judges and staff ensure citizens and users of the court receive efficient, fair and impartial justice, regardless of individual circumstances and background, in order to protect each citizen’s right to due process under the laws of our country and state.