District Four Councilmember

Robert M. Mitchell

Councilmember Mitchell also served as Councilmember for District Two from 1998 to 2002. Councilmember Mitchell was elected for a new term November 2006 and was recently re-elected November 2013.


He is a HUD-approved housing counselor for United Way.


  • Bronx Community College
  • Charleston Public Schools
  • New York University

Standing Committees

  • Community Development Committee, Chair
  • License Committee, Vice Chair
  • Small Claims Committee
  • Special Facilities

Training Courses

The following courses have been completed for the National League of Cities, totaling to 52 Credits:

  • Addressing Critical Needs for Cities and Towns beyond the School Bell - Two Credits
  • Advancing Your Agenda to a Successful Completion - Two Credits
  • Advocacy Skills: Persuasive Communication of Issues or
  • Basic Budgeting for Municipal Officials - Completed March 30, 2000
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Economic Development /Forms of Government - Completed September 7, 2000
  • Beware of the Good Times - One Credit
  • Collaborative Ventures: Building a Vibrant Future in Your Community - Two Credits
  • Communication not Confrontation - Two Credits
  • Community Change and the New Economy: A Best Practice Approach - Two Credits
  • Conflict Management - Two Credits
  • Foreclosures, Vacant Buildings, and Effective Strategies for Strengthening the Ladder for Sustainable Homeownership - Two Credits
  • How Municipal Government Can Encourage Youth Leadership and Youth participation - Two Credits
  • Just Do It! Building Coalitions and Connecting Cultures with Youth - Two Credits
  • Lead With Purpose: The Human Side of Local Government - Two Credits
  • Leadership in Changing Communities: The Impact of Paradigms Upon Perceptions - Two Credits
  • Leadership That Matters: Effective Practices for Local Officials - Two Credits
  • Local Concern, Part Two - Two Credits
  • Local Economic Development: The Challenges of Community Renewal - Eight Credits
  • Managing Competing Interests in Challenging Economic Times - Two Credits
  • Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Transcript
  • Other core competency Course Credits - Six Credits
  • Public Leaders as Collaborators and Conveners - Three Credits
  • Session A - Completed February 17, 1998
    The City as an Employer
    Conducting Public Meetings
    An Overview of Local Government Planning and Zoning
    Team Building/Goal Setting
  • Session B - Completed February 16, 1999
    Municipal Annexations, Mergers, and Consolidation
    Business License Tax Administration
    Municipal Finance - Understanding the World of Bonds
    Liability of Municipalities and Elected Officials
    Ethics and Municipal Governance
  • Strategies for Strengthening the Availability of Housing Affordable to Working Families - Two Credits
  • Testifying with Impact - Two Credits
  • Time Management Skills for Effective Leadership - Two Credits
  • You've Been Elected, Now What? /The Freedom of Information Act - Completed December 17, 1997


  • Bronze Certificate Level of Achievement - March 9, 2008
  • Silver Certificate Level of Achievement - November 12, 2008

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