District Four Councilmember

Robert M. Mitchell

Councilmember Mitchell was elected representative of District Four in November 2002. He also served as Councilmember for District Two from 1998 to 2002. 


He is a HUD-approved housing counselor for United Way.


  • New York University
  • Bronx Community College
  • Charleston Public Schools

Standing Committees

  • Community Development Committee, Chair
  • License Committee, Vice Chair
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Small Claims Committee
  • Special Facilities Committee

Training Courses

The following courses have been completed for the National League of Cities, totaling 52 credits:

  • Addressing Critical Needs for Cities and Towns beyond the School Bell - Two Credits
  • Advancing Your Agenda to a Successful Completion - Two Credits
  • Advocacy Skills: Persuasive Communication on Issues of Local Concern
  • Basic Budgeting for Municipal Officials - Completed March 30, 2000
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Economic Development /Forms of Government - Completed September 7, 2000
  • Beware of the Good Times - One Credit
  • Collaborative Ventures: Building a Vibrant Future in Your Community - Two Credits
  • Communication not Confrontation - Two Credits
  • Community Change and the New Economy: A Best Practice Approach - Two Credits
  • Conflict Management - Two Credits
  • Foreclosures, Vacant Buildings, and Effective Strategies for Strengthening the Ladder for Sustainable Homeownership - Two Credits
  • How Municipal Government Can Encourage Youth Leadership and Youth Participation - Two Credits
  • Just Do It! Building Coalitions and Connecting Cultures with Youth - Two Credits
  • Lead With Purpose: The Human Side of Local Government - Two Credits
  • Leadership in Changing Communities: The Impact of Paradigms Upon Perceptions - Two Credits
  • Leadership That Matters: Effective Practices for Local Officials - Two Credits
  • Local Concern, Part Two - Two Credits
  • Local Economic Development: The Challenges of Community Renewal - Eight Credits
  • Managing Competing Interests in Challenging Economic Times - Two Credits
  • Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Transcript
  • Other Core Competency Course Credits - Six Credits
  • Public Leaders as Collaborators and Conveners - Three Credits
  • Session A - Completed February 17, 1998
    The City as an Employer
    Conducting Public Meetings
    An Overview of Local Government Planning and Zoning
    Team Building/Goal Setting
  • Session B - Completed February 16, 1999
    Municipal Annexations, Mergers, and Consolidation
    Business License Tax Administration
    Municipal Finance - Understanding the World of Bonds
    Liability of Municipalities and Elected Officials
    Ethics and Municipal Governance
  • Strategies for Strengthening the Availability of Housing Affordable to Working Families - Two Credits
  • Testifying with Impact - Two Credits
  • Time Management Skills for Effective Leadership - Two Credits
  • You’ve Been Elected, Now What? /The Freedom of Information Act - Completed December 17, 1997


  • Bronze Certificate Level of Achievement - March 9, 2008
  • Silver Certificate Level of Achievement - November 12, 2008

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