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District Three Councilmember
James Lewis, Jr.
Serving as Councilmember for District 3 is James Lewis, Jr, who was first elected in November, 1995.
  • Occupation - Piggly Wiggly Carolina
  • Standing Committees - Lewis serves on the following standing committees:
    • Community Development Committee, Vice Chair
    • Public Safety, Vice Chair
    • Human Resources
    • Small Claims
    • Special Facilities
    • Ways and Means, Chair (2012-2015), Vice Chair (2016) 
  • Boards and Commissions - Councilmember Lewis serves on the following boards and commissions:
    • Board of Firemasters
    • Redevelopment and Preservation
  • Training Courses - Councilmember Lewis has completed the following courses for the National League of Cities, totaling 82 credits.
    • Community Branding: Whose Job Is It? - Two Credits
    • Managing Change into a Successful Adventure for City Leader - Two Credits
    • Rebuilding the Building Process to Improve Timeliness and Public Service - Two Credits
    • Ten Habits of Highly Effective Governing Bodies - Two Credits
    • The Courage to Lead: 1Two Effective Steps to Leading Your City - Two Credits
    • Leadership in a Diverse Community (2004) - Two Credits
    • Leadership in a Diverse Community (2003) - Two Credits
    • Building a Community-Based Government - Four Credits
    • Give You Best Speech Ever - Two Credits
    • Politics Unusual: The Dollars & Sense of Humor in Government - Two Credits
    • Strategies for Strengthening the Availability of Housing Affordable to Working Families - Two Credits
    • Capital Budgeting and Planning: Balancing Pay as You Go vs. Debt Financing - Two Credits
    • Leading a High Performance Government: Getting the Results You Want - Two Credits
    • Guarding the Public Checkbook - Two Credits
    • Mentoring: A Legacy of Excellence - Two Credits
    • Leading a Great Meeting with Effective Parliamentary Procedure - Two Credits
    • The High Performance Governing Body - Four Credits
    • Four Traits of a Successful Leader - Two Credits
    • Local Economic Development: The Good, Bad and Ugly - Two Credits
    • Time Management Skills for Effective Leadership - Two Credits
    • Other Core Competency Courses - Six Credits
    • Local Economic Development: The Challenges of Community Renewal - 8 Credits
    • Collaborative Ventures: Building a Vibrant Future in Your Community - Two Credits
    • Community Change and the New Economy: A Best Practice Approach - Two Credits
    • Competent Leadership for Change through Crucial Conversations - Two Credits
    • Dealing with Difficult People - Two Credits
    • Storyteller: The Power and Practice of Story To Build Communities - Two Credits
    • High Performance Government: Council and Staff in Partnerships - Two Credits
    • Building Public Trust Through Performance Leadership - Two Credits
    • Leadership That Matters: Effective Practices for Local Officials - Two Credits
    • A Call to Order: effective Parliamentary Procedure - Two Credits
    • Advancing Your Agenda to Successful Completion - Two Credits
    • Advancing Your Agenda to Successful Completion (2011) - Two Credits
    • The Five Powers of Public Leadership - Two Credits
    • Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government Transcript
    • Session A - Completed July 24, 1997
      The City as an Employer
      Conducting Public Meetings
      An Overview of Local Government Planning and Zoning
      Team Building / Goal Setting
  • Achievements - He has obtained the following certificates of achievement:
    • Bronze Certificate Level of Achievement - March 12, 2005
    • Silver Certificate Level of Achievement - March 11, 2007
    • Gold Certificate Level of Achievement - March 09, 2008

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James Lewis, Jr.
James Lewis, Jr.

District Three Councilmember

292 Sumter St.
Charleston, SC 29403

Ph: 843-901-3897