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Strategic Plan 2013-2015
A number of political, economic, social, and technical influences require modern fire service providers to evaluate their organization and make improvements in the way services are delivered. The 2013-15 Strategic Plan codifies our improvement goals.

These strategic goals provide a roadmap to define: our direction, how resources will be allocated, and how decisions will be made. The goals fully incorporate our mission, vision, and core values by which we will achieve and maintain effective and successful services for all of our staff, the citizens whom we serve, and visitors to the City of Charleston.

Strategic Goal 1: Continue to develop, implement, and promote employee safety throughout the organization.

Strategic Goal 2: Ensure Charleston Fire Department Emergency Services meet or exceed national standards.

Strategic Goal 3: Promote community risk reduction programs and strategies as a fundamental means to preserve our community.

Strategic Goal 4: Identify and engage stakeholders in the advancement of the Charleston Fire Department.

Strategic Goal 5: Increase professionalism and promote leadership at all levels within the Charleston Fire Department.

Strategic Goal 6: Improve the efficiency and allocation of department resources.

Strategic Goal 7: Promote and develop health and wellness initiatives within the Charleston Fire Department.

Strategic Goal 8: Increase individual ownership, morale, and organizational development.

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