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Traffic Calming Program
About the Program
In 1999, the City of Charleston’s Department of Traffic and Transportation developed the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program to improve the overall safety and quality of life for residents, and in some cases restore the residential character of neighborhoods.
The purpose of the program is to:
  • Improve neighborhood livability by reducing the negative impact of vehicular traffic on residential streets
  • Promote safe and pleasant conditions for non-motorized street users (i.e., pedestrians, children, bicyclists) while maintaining the safe movement of local residential vehicular traffic
  • Encourage citizen involvement in all phases of neighborhood traffic management activities
  • Prioritize traffic-calming projects through the efficient use of city resources

Measures Taken
There are many types of traffic calming measures and devices that can be implemented, including speed humps, traffic circles, raised crosswalks, roundabouts, speed-monitoring devices, and medians or traffic islands. The Department of Traffic and Transportation determines the best traffic calming solution after careful review of street conditions and safety considerations.
More Information
For information on how to implement or request traffic calming in your area, contact us or check out the Traffic Calming Brochure.
Robert Somerville
Deputy Director

180 Lockwood Drive
Charleston, SC 29407

Ph: 843-973-7288
Fx: 843-722-5956