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Pedestrian Safety Program
About the Program
To better protect its pedestrians, the City of Charleston is working to inform pedestrians and drivers of ways to make our city both walkable and safe. Included among the city's efforts to protect its citizens and tourists is the creation and distribution of brochures, which outline ways in which to safely walk and considerately drive Charleston's roadways.

Simplified brochures were developed specifically for children, who are of special concern as they cross roads and walk sidewalks on their way to school. Posters which highlight how to be a safe pedestrian are also displayed in schools throughout the city.

Expansion of the Program
The city began the school year with new barricades for use by school crossing guards to better identify crosswalks. Additionally, the city recently in stalled pedestrian flags at the busy intersection of Courtenay Drive and Calhoun Street, for use while crossing to increase pedestrian visibility. The Pedestrian Safety Program will continue to develop and expand in its endeavor to make Charleston's roadways pedestrian friendly.


City of Charleston
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Ph: 843-973-7288
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